As a Facility Director of a large, high-end property, I was faced with the issue of dirty sidewalks and parking areas. The only service that seemed available to me was power-washing. I know, by trying these services, that power-washing by itself delivers a less than high-quality result, as it drives the debris into the cement and does nothing to positively affect stains. Therefore, I developed a 5-step process to clean cement areas, which can restore cement surfaces to an almost-new condition… and it is now available to you through SparkleLot®.

The SparkleLot® 5-step, deep-scrubbing system includes using your tap water and specialized biodegradable chemical solutions and scrubbers to deep-clean cement, which delivers amazing results. Our commercial customers have found that their cement appearance improves with each repeated cleaning.

We are available to deep-clean cement entries, sidewalks, patios, pool decks, driveways, loading docks, and parking garages.

We offer late or after-hour services, for minimal or no interruption of your daily operations.