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 As the Director of Facilities for a major corporation, I tried to hire a company to clean the cement at my commercial property.  I found that the only solution that was available in the market was power washing, and over 40 years in facilities had taught me that power washing drives dirt and stains further into the cement surface, only to have haunting stains reappear.  My commercial property required something "better than that," which seemingly no one could deliver. 

Thus began our journey of five-plus years in which we have developed a deep-scrubbing system that exceeds the goal of "better than that."  This time has been spent developing the equipment and process and, with the assistance of commercial chemists, we have achieved our goal of bringing superior concrete-cleaning to the market.  

Our hydrocleaning system routinely includes topical sand removal, a pre-cleaning rinse, chemical soak, deep scrub, and a post-cleaning rinse. It may require a second soak/scrub to bring the final result up to our standards; repeated contracted monthly/quarterly cleanings continue to upgrade the end result. 

We realize it is a paradigm change to consider SCRUBBING concrete, but no one would ever think of power washing their carpets, would they?  Different surfaces require different processes for optimal results.  

Our happy customers who have embraced this paradigm change include realtors, property managers, restaurants, grocery chains, and automobile dealerships, as well as others. If you are content with “power washing” with minimal or no evidence of improvement, call the other guys. If you need your concrete CLEANED, please contact us.  


The SparkleLot Difference



From garages to patios, pool decks, driveways and sidewalks, experience the SparkleLot Difference!

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Your exterior is a direct reflection of your business. Clean exterior surfaces can earn new customers and impress your existing ones.

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