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Blind to the Grime??

We can become blind to the grime over time.  By seeing the same dirty areas day after day, you don't see it - but your customers and clients do!  How many customers has grime/dirty concrete cost you - those who see your exterior as a reflection of your interior?  (Dirty exterior assumes dirty interior.)

Concrete Sidewalks, Drive-through Areas, or Patios

 After the accumulation of years of grime, a pressure-washer will not remove anything except the surface layer.  Previous stains and marks that may be removed by a pressure-washer will most likely resurface.  This is the SparkleLot Difference.  Our five-step process includes  deep-scrubbing, with the application of special-developed, pet-safe, biodegradable chemicals.  We can become blind to the    grime - Restaurants, grocery stores, fast-food restaurants, and any business can benefit from the SparkleLot Difference.

Parking Garages

How many cars park in your parking garage or bays that don't leak?  Even a covered parking garage accumulates dirt, grease, oil, and grime.  We will work around your schedule to clean it from wall to wall.

Automotive Display Areas/Shops/Service Bays

Whether its an automotive, RV, motorcycle, or implement dealership or shop that services anything that drips oil and grease or can make a mess - the SparkleLot Difference has you covered.  The years of oil and grease that a pressure-washer has not removed is where we step up to the plate.

Dining Areas and Kitchen Floors

We are proud to clean your interior or exterior dining areas.  Many years of experience have taught us the most efficient, cost-effective grime/grease-removal system.  The SparkleLot Difference is something you and your customers will both see and appreciate.  

Other Challenges?

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