Residential Services


Driveways and Sidewalks

After the accumulation of years of grime, a pressure-washer will not remove anything except the surface layer.  Previous stains and marks that may be removed by a pressure-washer will most likely resurface.  This is the SparkleLot Difference.  Our five-step process includes  deep-scrubbing, with the application of special-developed, pet-safe, biodegradable chemicals. 

Are you considering selling your home?

In the past, realtors have recognized the the value of our services in preparing homes so that curb appeal is at its utmost.  Use our services whether you're selling or buying a home!!  The SparkleLot Difference has expedited the sale of many houses in the Valley.

Patios and Pool Decks

We  can safely clean your pool decks and patios with no impact to your pool water.  This service is great to prepare for graduations, birthday parties, holidays, and any other outdoor get together.  We can even remove most barbecue stains!!

Garages and Carports

Tired of looking at those oil stains you inherited when you purchased your home?  Our free consultation will allow us to determine the appropriate plan of action.

Exterior Surfaces

This can include exterior wall and fence washing.  Other surfaces?  Call for your free consultation.