Client Testimonials

Thanks to SparkleLot


"I am a real estate broker selling homes that Canadian investors own in the Phoenix area. Most of these homes have been rented for some time and had several oil and grease spots on their driveways and in the garages. The backyard concrete slabs needed deep cleaning. I have always wanted someone to clean these areas so they would not be an eye-sore to a prospective buyer. Well, I found that someone in SparkleLot. I am extremely happy with their service, and they are the only people I contact to do this work now. Thank you."

Jeff Jacobs (Realtor/Property Manager)

" My driveway was full of oil stains and other automotive fluids.  I had tried pressure-washing and I had tried scrubbing with numerous chemicals - all claiming they would remove the stains -- no luck.  SparkleLot to the Rescue!  90% of the stains were gone with the first visit.  The last stubborn stains were taken care of on a followup visit... STUBBORN STAINS!  I am so happy that my driveway looks almost new.  I have recommended the same service to all of my neighbors."

Michael P. (Homeowner)